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Great Northern Tree Service provides services in Wisconsin's northern Lakeland area.

The right amount of tree trimming can dramatically increase light, reduce wind resistance, and guard against potential dangers such as weakened branches falling on or near your home.

Dry Woods

Lot clearing is the removal of brush and small trees from fields and lots. No matter what kind of tree, no matter how big or small or plentiful, we can help clear a path or prepare an entire lot for construction.


Trees can often be compromised by poor structure or weather-related damage. In these cases, cabling and bracing strategies are the only alternatives to removal.

When cracked, damaged or hazardous limbs need to be removed, we can restore your tree to health before property or personal damage occurs. However, sometimes an entire tree will need to be removed.

Sunset in the Woods

Tree services can markedly increase a property's value, but opportunities are often overlooked by those preparing to sell homes or cottages. Even minor modifications can have a tremendous impact on a property's all-important first impression.

GNTS Tree Tagged.jpg

Insects and diseases can threaten the health and vitality of an entire tree population. If trees are kept in optimal condition - sufficient water, nutrients and light - they are less susceptible to pest problems and disease. There are times, however, when even seemingly healthy trees come under attack. How you respond - and how soon - can have a lasting impact on your trees and throughout your property.

Plant Nursery
Broken Trunk
Timber in Forest

Selective logging thins out wood lots and other acreage. Left unattended, wood lots can become crowded. Individual trees are left to fight for survival, competing for available nutrients in the soil while racing sky-high toward the sun. The resulting trees are often tall and skinny, stretched beyond the recommended trunk circumference for healthy growth.

Whenever a tree is uprooted or cut to ground level, a mound of stump, root and soil is left behind. As the stump deteriorates it may create problems with termites, ants, wasps and other pests, as well as detract from your landscaping.

Use wood chips as a mulching compound and a decorative touch to many gardens and flower beds. Wood chips - made from branches, trunks, tree bark and often times pine needles - can be placed around shrubs, flowers and trees in order to deter the formation of weeds as well as to protect fragile root systems.

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