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Great Northern Tree Service provides services in Wisconsin's northern Lakeland area.
Timber in Forest

Selective logging techniques are utilized to thin out wood lots and other acreage.


Left unattended, wood lots can become crowded. Individual trees left to fight for survival compete for available nutrients in the soil while racing sky-high toward the sun. The resulting trees are often tall and skinny, stretched beyond the recommended trunk circumference for healthy growth.

Experts at Great Northern Tree Service can thin out dense woods by selectively removing detrimental trees - those which pose a falling hazard, those which have stopped growing, those least likely to thrive in that area, etc. - in order to create the breathing and growing space necessary for the development of a healthy forest.

If you would like an estimate about selective logging on your property, or would simply wish to speak with an expert about this procedure, contact us at 715-358-3138.

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