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Great Northern Tree Service provides services in Wisconsin's northern Lakeland area.
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Insects and diseases can threaten the health and vitality of any tree, even an entire tree population. If trees are kept in optimal condition - with sufficient water, nutrients and light - they are less susceptible to pest problems and disease.


There are times, however, when even seemingly healthy trees come under attack; how you respond - and how soon - can have a lasting impact on your trees and throughout your entire property.

If your tree develops any abnormality, or isn't thriving as it used to, consider having a certified arborist assess it to correctly diagnose the problem.


At Great Northern Tree Service, our experts will look at the tree type, abnormality patterns in roots, leaves, and trunk, as well as surrounding factors to determine the nature of the problem. It is essential to distinguish between an infestation, an infectious disease and a non-infectious disorder to determine the most effective treatment.

Great Northern Tree Service experts are trained and licensed to diagnose and treat insect and disease problems, and it is our policy to use the least toxic methods and products.

Call us today at 715-358-3138 to have trees properly diagnosed and treated.

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