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Great Northern Tree Service provides services in Wisconsin's northern Lakeland area.
Plant Nursery

Wood chips are employed as both a mulching compound and a decorative touch in many outdoor gardens and flower beds.


Made from branches, trunks, tree bark and often times pine needles, wood chips can be placed around shrubs, flowers and trees in order to deter the formation of weeds as well as to protect fragile root systems.

Great Northern Tree Service produces high quality wood chips, and we can deliver them right to your property. Our delivery trucks can dump them into single or multiple piles, in just the right locations on your property.

Wood chips can even be generated on location while we conduct other tree-related services for you. Just say the word and our workers will prepare fresh wood chips and pile them where you need them most. Our chippers can handle logs of various shapes, sizes and thickness to create mounds of superior woodchips.

Call us at 715-358-3138 to place your wood chip order.

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